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Project Manager – IT PMO

April 22, 2024


Marquee Software is seeking a Project Manager for their IT Project Management Office (PMO). The role involves working with a collaborative and experienced team of project management leaders in a growing global IT department.

As a Project Support Manager, PMO, you will be an essential member of the company’s Information Technology Operations leadership team. 

You will be responsible for providing support to a team of project managers who are responsible for a domain/portfolio of technical projects, identified as part of the organization’s plans. 

You will develop and implement PMO processes and policies, work with other PMO team members, and work with other department leaders to define, prioritize, and develop projects and programs. 

This will involve the ongoing development of the project management team, the production of plans, and documentation, and the provision of guidance for project teams. 

It will involve 

  • ensuring communication is maintained between all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, 
  • ensuring all organizational procedures are adhered to, 
  • objectives are identified and met, 
  • and benefits are realized from the projects that are implemented.

To ensure the company provides optimal experiences, the manager will be skilled at working across a variety of teams to ensure that assigned projects produce the required deliverables within the defined quality, time, and cost constraints. The manager is expected to facilitate the full realization of benefits defined in the business case for each project.

The manager must possess 

  • a proven track record of project team development, project plan development, 
  • project change control, 
  • stakeholder management, 
  • benefit and change management, 
  • reporting, 
  • risks and issue management, 
  • and project closure including the capture of lessons learned.

We are looking for a domain IT project support manager, PMO with the following experience and skills:

  • Monitor the performance of the domain’s project management team, providing and documenting performance feedback.
  • Engage and manage external contractors, consultants, and partners when and where necessary.
  • Engage with senior business leaders to set strategy, prioritize work, and manage the execution of the annual technology plan to meet deadlines.
  • Confer with project personnel to identify and resolve problems.
  • Develop and implement processes and procedures to ensure cohesive project management practices across the domain.
  • Assist the domain’s PMs in developing and managing the work breakdown structure (WBS) of information technology projects.
  • Engage with domain’s PMs to develop or update project plans for information technology projects including information such as project objectives, technologies, systems, information specifications, schedules, funding, and staffing.
  • Coordinate activities of project personnel.
  • Support domain’s PMs to manage project execution to ensure adherence to budget, schedule, and scope.
  • Assist Domain Leader to monitor or track portfolio milestones and deliverables.
  • Perform risk assessments to develop response strategies.
  • Prepare project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.

The Minimum Requirements And Skills Include

  • A graduate in engineering, business, public administration, computer technology, or a related field.
  • PMP Certification
  • Ten years or more of experience in the management of IT projects
  • Familiar with concepts, practices, and procedures within information technology and involving the implementation of infrastructure and/or delivery of new software application systems and/or major enhancements for existing systems.
  • Proven experience managing cross-functional projects and teams,
  • Proven experience working with multiple information technologies and business teams.
  • Passion and experience in a customer service environment.
  • Must have exceedingly strong verbal, written, and visual presentation skills. We are most interested in candidates exhibiting a passion for team leadership, details, solving problems, simplicity, quality, and moving quickly.

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